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Marriage Deposit Scheme (Monihar):

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Marriages are made in heaven, goes the saying. The expenses, however, have to be borne here on earth. A decent wedding today can cost upwards of Tk. 10 lakh, with sky being the limit! Nothing appears to have changed, especially when it comes to who will bear the wedding expenses. Parents continue to do so with the help of their savings made over the years. The trend doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon as the children still seem reluctant to even partially meet the cost of their own wedding.

If you have recently started earning and want to save for your marriage, which is more than three years away, you can still prepare a plan and save towards your goal.

Features & Benefits:

  • A person having a sound mind can open the scheme singly or jointly.
  • Marriage Deposit Scheme is a deposit product where you can make an initial deposit at the beginning along with fixed monthly installment deposits.
  • The account holder can avail credit facility up to maximum 90{98b3a72ee58f083be5cba22976bae95ef3c090c904d629387525f3b9814234bc} of the deposit amount against lien on the balance amount of the respective account at 2.00{98b3a72ee58f083be5cba22976bae95ef3c090c904d629387525f3b9814234bc} higher than the deposit scheme rate after completion of 1(One) year.
  • Premature encashment may be allowed only after expiry of minimum 3 (three) months. In such cases, interest will be calculated at least 2.00{98b3a72ee58f083be5cba22976bae95ef3c090c904d629387525f3b9814234bc} less than the prescribed rate, which will be applicable for the period completed.
  • The interest is payable subject to deduction of excise duty, withholding tax etc. as imposed by the government from time to time.
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